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Abstract The range of fatty acid compositions found in various almond oils traded internationally sometimes does not correspond to the published permissible range in pharmacopeias (e.g., DAB 9). In the literature, there have been various reports of adulteration, but also of greater variability of almond fatty acid composition depending on strain and geographical provenience. The problem is discussed and a series of recent analytical data is presented.

Authors: Aitzetmuller, K.; Ihrig, M.

Journal: Fett Wissenschaft Technologie-Fat Science Technology

Year: 1988

Volume: 90

Page: 464-470

UID: WOS:A1988R670500002

DOI: 10.1002/lipi.19880901202

SOFA citation(s)

Authors: Aitzetmueller, K. Ihrig, M.

Journal: Fat Sci. Technol.

Year: 1988

Volume: 90

Page: 464

SOFA Table(s)
Genus Species Order Family Data Points
Prunus dulcis Rosales Rosaceae 18